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Plant Expert

Meet our Plant Expert: Craig

Craig joined the team last year due to our high demand of clients wanting an aftercare service. Craig has been working alongside garden Center’s nurseries and florists for the past ten years, using flowers, foliage plants, raised beds, bark, fences, garden furniture we can create a pleasing colourful garden.

Colours are very important in the garden as they Create feelings moods and atmosphere, if you like

Vibrant Colours

such as pinks, orange Dahlias are the gardeners choice as there are many varieties available

Cool Colours

provide tranquility, blues, purple Lilac and lavender

Warm Colours

are considered exciting think of plants such as marigolds, red roses, poppies, sunflowers

Colour Wheel

Using the colour wheel to select hues that complement or contrast will allow you to change the feel of your garden. You can create moods for different areas – calming, soft colours for a quiet spot, and vibrant, hot colours to enliven and push you onwards around your garden. Colour is never wrong; we all see it differently and how you use it to please you is your choice. But keep in mind the benefits of the colour wheel and you will be amazed at the results.

Colour Wheel