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Frequently Asked Questions

– We offer the most competitive quotes in the area.
– 24hr free quotations.
– Our standard of work is exceptional.
– We will quote for different aspects of a job eg. tree removal, garden waste.
– We are a friendly family run business.
– We care about the customer and results.

I (Ganesh) started off doing landscape gardening with my wife and really enjoyed it. We loved seeing how small changes in a garden, can make such a difference. Also, friends and family would come to our house and ask me who did this work. They also wanted that clean finish in their garden. It basically kicked off the business, as referrals were coming in. From friends as well as neighboring gardens, and here we are today!

We love what we do – as it all started off as a hobby ten years ago! We enjoy our working environment, being in nature. Especially love creating an end product, that satisfies our clients as well as their fellow neighbours. We take pride in what we do.

Fencing FAQs

Larch lap slats run across the fence panel and provides privacy to ure garden, it is made with much thinner timber then featheredge boards. The durability is not great and needs general maintenance.  They can be slotted into concrete posts or screwed into timber.


  • Cheaper then featheredge boards
  •  Privacy


  • Not durable
  • Timber is not as thick or strong as featheredge boards
  • Needs general maintenance

Featheredge boards come dip treated or pressure treated (we have an article on disadvantages and advantages of dip or pressure treated). The slats run down vertically. The timber is thicker 100mm – 125mm slats.


  • Thicker timber slats
  • Pressure treated
  • Strong and durable
  • Long lasting


  •  Slightly more expensive