Real Lawn Vs Artificial Lawn

We often get asked to relay lawns, either real turf or artificial.  Due to the customers preference, we will recommend what the best solution is after completing a ground survey which is carried out by our team of professionals.  To help customers make a more informative decision we wrote this article on the advantages and disadvantage to both products.


Real Lawn
  1. Costs compared to laying real turf against artificial turf is much cheaper as the material and labour is double the costs due to sub base for groundwork, the cost of artificial turf depending on thickens,  the under lay. A good comparison would be:
    – 1 sqm of real turf = £20-£25. Includes turf, topsoil, leveling, and labour.
    – 1sqm of artifical turf = £80 – £120. Includes subbase, artificial turf and labour.
  2. We as humans affiliate ourselves with nature, i.e. animals, plants, we have a need to be near nature due to this. Having a real lawn is known to reduce stress levels as well as improve wellness.
  3. It has been proven without a doubt real grass is better for the environment. Even when compared to the new artificial grass that is made from recycled material.
    – Fun fact: 232 sqm of real turf produces enough oxygen for a family of 4 to breath.
    – An average lawn can capture 136kg of carbon per a year.
  4. If you are a strong believer in helping the ecological system, and not destroying natural habitat. As well as the plant and insect life and so much more – then laying real turf is the better option.


Artificial Lawn
  1. Maintaince is always a key factor when deciding between the two. This is the main thing that sways most people towards choosing the artificial option, as it is practicality nil maintenance.
  2. Always maintains a fresh look regardless of season or footfall.
  3. No equipment required to maintain the garden.
  4. No more muddy house.
  5. Pet friendly


  1. Maintenance is always an issue, specially in the summer where the grass requires regular mowing. Winter months may cause muddy days in the house so cleanliness is not ideal. Weed issues are more apparent in real turf.
  2. High footfall in your garden will always be an issue to your lawn. Therefore, a paving area is always recommend with real lawn.
  3. Garden lawn equipment is required to maintain a good lawn ie. a lawn mower, a trimmer.


  1. Reduces plant life which affects carbon  levels. There is more plastic in the environment, which jeopardies wildlife.
  2.  We assume having artificial turf is long term, however the recommended life time is 8 – 10 years depending on quality.
  3. The cost is far more expensive then laying real turf i.e. subbase, artificial turf and labour.

At London and Essex Fencing, we believe biodiversity is important as it boosts ecosystem productivity.  We also believe that nature is good for us, and helps us with our wellbeing.  Therefore, we will always recommend natural real lawn laying over artificial turf.