Vitamin G

Vitamin G aims to establish the relationship between the amount and type of green space in people’s living environment and their health, well-being and feelings of safety.

Looking out on and being in the green elements of the landscape around us seem to affect health, well-being and feelings of social safety.

Previous experimental research in environmental psychology has shown that a natural environment has a positive effect on well-being through restoration of stress and attentional fatigue. Descriptive epidemiological research has shown a positive relationship between the amount of green space in the living environment and physical and mental health and longevity.

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Vitamin G

Green space, referred to as vitamin G, has been associated with better mental health. A remarkable new study found that exposure to greenness was positively associated with brain size in school children.

We at London and Essex Fencing feel it is our duty to keep green space alive and not turn the world plastic, i.e., composite fences, composite decking, artificial lawn. We will always do our best to offer our clients natures option, i.e., turf laying, wooden fence panels, decking and raised sleepers beds.